February 12, 2014

30th Anniversary (1984-2014)

We begin our 30th year in business since the birth of a small town lawn and tree care company that since has seemed to have gone big-time.  I don't say this to be boasting or bragging, only that we must have done something right that has struck a cord with the public.  Since our humble beginnings in Northern Nebraska we have served Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming.  Currently we serve 30% of Wyoming with a branch in Worland, Wyoming and our Corporate headquarters in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  This year we continue to grow with the times and have opened another branch office in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

What's the secret of our continued success?  We have always been a company founded on free lawn and tree evaluations, high quality products for an awesome value.  We may have to apologize for our prices from time to time, but we will never have to apologize for our quality.  High Quality products and the high quality service we provide has always taken care of us.  You get one shot each year to have your own Garden of Eden and poor quality that comes along with cheep prices sets your landscape to be average at best.  The Green grass will always be on the Green Turf side of the fence.

With social media what it is today; Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now a Blog, all these different medias will feed off each other to tell the story of the daily and future directions of Green Turf Lawnscapes, relying on our 30 years of history, experience and wisdom.

My Mom & Dad, Laverne & Joyce Graus, taught me the lesson of long hours and work ethic.  It's faster to do the job the right way the first time and to clean up my messes and leave a job site cleaner than I found it. We take the time to teach our staff members, that don't have my experience of growing up with parents that lived through the Great Depression, to care for the lawns and trees as if they are the last ones on the planet and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  It is better to have a set program in place to care for the trees and turf, preventing problems rather than always being reactive.  All the different social medias that we will use, will help inform you to the environment around you that will untimely affect your little piece of paradise.  

Welcome to "Grow'n with the Times", my 30 year old newsletter that has now gone digital in the form of a blog.

May God Bless you all and Welcome to our journey.

Todd & Holly Graus